Grasscrete – Ground Engineering built with Maximum Resilience

Grasscrete offers an engineering solution with a structural quality for heavy-duty trafficking and flood alleviation sustainable for many years. With in-built permeable qualities Grasscrete also meets SUDS requirements, mitigating surface water run-off and its implications for the local storm water network.

Cast-on site concrete, pre-cast concrete or plastic systems are all options – tailored fit for purpose ground engineering solutions are all available from Grass Concrete.

Achieving maximum and sustainable grass cover is best guaranteed by a system that promotes permeability, the depth and shape of the soil pockets therefore has a critical part to play if grass cover is to be sustained. Both Grasscrete and Grassblock offer substantial capacity for soils and root systems to promote maximum grass coverage.

Ground reinforcement failure often stems from either an inability to accept weight load or an issue of waterlogging causing loss of grass and weakened support. Specifiers must consider “will the grass cover and then the structure stand up to heavy duty trafficking”.

Increasing the green built environment often includes grass paved carparks with the potential of daily traffic and heavy-duty vehicles.  Once again Grasscrete offers a unique system built to withstand regular heavy traffic. Grasscrete offers a unique structural integrity that plastic cannot match.

Grass paving systems have an increasing role to play in the development and sustainability of harmonised urban landscapes.

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