Grassroof view gallery

The environmental solution

For grass roof/green roof technology to have a significant beneficial effect on our environment then it has to become an “everyday” specification that is easily available for use on both new and existing buildings. A key factor in achieving widespread use is the simplicity of the system and how it is installed.

Grassroof now combines with our new Regarm, a re-cycled moisture retaining blanket that feeds roots and at the same time reduce the volume and rate of water draining from roof tops. Regarm is used for Extensive, Simple Intensive and Intensive applications. When used in an Extensive application, it enables the reduction in depth of soil layers beneath the sedum turf and in doing so reduces the imposed load on the roof structure. It also greatly simplifies the process of delivering materials to the rooftop for installation, a significant benefit for retro-fit projects.

The simple yet effective Grassroof system offers the following benefits:

  • slowing the flow of surface water from roof tops into the drainage network. Helping to reduce peak demand and incidence of flooding by source control
  • natural filtration of surface water run-off
  • develop greater levels of natural evapotranspiration by increasing levels of vegetation
  • to be a component in the reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect for towns and cities
  • noise reduction
  • improved thermal insulation against both gain and loss
  • sequestration of CO2 by photosynthesis
  • protection of roof membranes from UV degradation and weathering
  • improved levels of bio-diversity to include replication of natural habitats for creatures such as honey bees
  • promotion of urban green space and a feel good factor gained from this
  • a green roof system, which in addition to new-build projects can be retro-fitted to any flat roof
  • a positive contribution for Environmental Assessment schemes such as BREEAM, LEED and BASIX

Worldwide licensing opportunities available