Military Air Base
North of England


Grasscrete GC2


2500 m²


Perimeter access


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With a surface that takes on a naturally “toned down” appearance Grasscrete is widely used on projects where the client might not wish to advertise the extent and layout of the site. With satellite imagery now commonplace a more open awareness of installations might not always be desirable. For this reason we have a policy of not providing photographic details of identified military or other security sensitive sites and so for this case study we are maintaining the anonymity of the Base.

The 2500 m² of Grasscrete GC2 installed on this project serves a dual purpose role. Extending around the perimeter of the airside installation the roadway enables security patrols to be undertaken for the perimeter fence. Although an overtly grassed roadway the solid concrete edge strips provide a ground level identification of the roadway avoiding the need for illumination of the area. With its perimeter location the road also links into the airfield crash gates to enable access for emergency appliances that could include heavy foam tenders.

A significant concern with airside paving installations is the avoidance of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) With the potential level of air disturbance there’s a crucial requirement to avoid the use of materials that could be blown or sucked out of position. Grasscrete scores highly here as the soil pockets are continuously surrounded by concrete and the sectional profile of each is conical therefore forming a soil plug that resists being pulled out of position.