Scottish Borders


Grasscrete GC3


130 m²


Attenuation ponds


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The focus on storm water management in the UK is steadily shifting away from traditional piped sewers to surface attenuation as shown here with this housing project. By retaining storm water on site the peak demand on the main sewer infrastructure has been reduced and a landscaping amenity gained.

The design of attenuation pond can vary greatly and in this example we are showing a fairly simple catchment basin with a tidal flap controlled inlet and trash screen filtered outfall. Access to the pond for cleaning and maintenance is provided by a 3.50 metre wide track and turning head. To maintain the natural green environment the track has been paved with 76mm thick Grasscrete GC3 able to handle the projected use by light commercial vehicles. The base of the Grasscrete extends down into pond water and was chosen for its ability to provide grip under these conditions. With a continuous concrete surrounded to each soil pocket and a cast surface finish safe use is provided for.

With the Grasscrete following the contours of the slopes there is no requirement for a separate grass maintenance exercise and grass cutting is completed as one continuous operation.