Doctor’s Surgery




70 m²


Buttress retaining wall


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Conservation works hand in hand with development for this project.

A 4 metre high stone wall dating back to medieval times needed to be stabilised as part of a re-development of an old school site to form a doctor’s surgery car park. To maintain the archaeology of the site a dry-build solution was required that would encapsulate the ancient wall but leave it intact behind the new face. It was essential that the new structure should also not require a complex and deep foundation that would undermine the shallow medieval stone footings.

The solution was found with the 500mm wide Betoatlas dry-built system that enabled a fully planted aspect to be gained. With a 75° face angle an offset of 1.00 metre was formed from the stone wall so that the final course of the new structure met the old one. The gap between was then infilled with 40mm clean stone with the backfill and block work linked together by Betonap geo-grids under a Betocalcul warranted design.

With a foundation depth of just 500mm there was no risk of compromising the old structure that now remains preserved behind its new fully landscaped face.