Concrete plant


Binwall HD


525No. standard
52 No. End


Storage bays


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A long time method of constructing storage bays has involved the combination of steel stanchions with wooden sleeper infill. A number of issues arise with this method; The timber rots and can become a health and safety issue, the railways have stopped using wooden sleepers and so they can be as rare as hen’s teeth. Then when you want to re-position them the stanchions have to be cut with oxy-acetylene, with a need to then dig and concrete new foundations for the now shorter posts.

This concrete plant in South Wales has used Binwall for over 10 years with in that time bays having been re-positioned to cater for re-development work. In each case this has involved a simple exercise of lifting each I tonne unit with a hydraulic grab, dusting them off and the re-laying in the new position.

In between all of this they’ve been fully tested by the Company’s Chaseside loading shovel pushing up against the case.