Driving Experience


Grasscrete GC3


533 m²


Off–road trail


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Owners for 4 x 4 vehicles that experience nothing more rugged than the High Street might want to turn away now. For city dwellers who dream of plugging through mud then here’s the opportunity to do just that. A motorsport centre that also hosts an ‘off road experience’ course has been constructed that enables drivers to push out the boundaries of normal use.

The cross country trail includes a series of climbs and descents together with a vee-channel water hazard. Regular daily use was a key factor in design together with the need to actually not get the vehicles stuck in the mud. So the call went out for a paving layer that would look and feel like natural terrain to the driver but would be a safe bet for the owners of the site and the vehicles. The solution was found with 76mm thick Grasscrete GC3 with its reinforced structure providing a stable paving layer in the demanding locations. Able to accept traffic up to 4.3 tonnes as well as water flow up to 4.5 metres per second; the paving layer has proved to be well up to the task.

Grasscrete has also been used to provide some fairly elaborate demonstration features for 4 x 4 vehicle dealerships, with potential customers able to take an off-road experience next to the showroom’s forecourt. Other novel uses of Grasscrete have included centre-piece works of art to a garden festival, but perhaps or favourite is the Gorilla lawn at a UK zoo, which was liked so much by the user that the area was expanded as the family grew, well we assume that he liked it as we really didn’t want to get close enough to ask!