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The main sponsor for this year's UK Road Race Championships, the showcase for British road cycling is Grass Concrete Ltd, one of the UK's best known specialist building products.

With a 40 year history of supporting British Sport, Wakefield based Grass Concrete Limited is stepping up in profile with its sponsorship of the 2012 British Cycling Men and Women's Road Race Championships. Taking place at the splendid Ampleforth Abbey, North Yorkshire on the 24th June the events are likely to be a keenly fought lead up to the London 2012 with the Olympic Road Race taking place just a month later. This year the National Championships combine with the annual Ryedale Grand Prix that in 2005 and 2008 were also Championship events but in between they've been feature rounds of British Cycling's Premier Calendar Series. In the past Grass Concrete has sponsored, athletics, cricket and rugby league, but particularly favours the environmental fit that cycling has to offer alongside its own long commitment to providing environmental solutions within the Construction Industry. As Grass Concrete's MD Bob Howden says: "As a life-long cyclist both as a competitor and official I take great pride in the achievements of the Great Britain Team. If by sponsoring the Championships we can help to underpin the continuation of that success and the growth of cycling for both sport and recreation, then we are happy to play our part."

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