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External works projects across the UK are faced with challenges of SUDS, storm water management as well as permeable solutions for drought areas.

Grass paving is a proven external works solution that offers a combined solution with integral drainage and reinforcement qualities that makes a sustainable solution. Grass Concrete Ltd, the Wakefield based firm has over 40 years of grass reinforcement installations worldwide. The company’s Grasscrete product has become the generic reference for permeable grass paving for flood alleviation areas and storm water management. Here they highlight just why the company’s fit for purpose policy is critical to a sustainable grass reinforcement system. For commercial and housing developments in vulnerable flood risk areas Grasscrete is widely utilised for both its strong structural qualities up to 40-tonne traffic weight and natural SUDS qualities including water attenuation at a rate of 8m/second. Attenuation ponds often incorporate Grasscrete to help both with vehicle access on site and in retaining high levels of storm water, reducing the peak demand on main sewer infrastructure while gaining a landscaped amenity Grasscrete is a cast on-site concrete system, strong ground reinforcement qualities of concrete are essential where regular or heavy traffic is expected. Grass coverage in deep soil pockets gets quickly established providing green landscaped environments in all sorts of urban landscaping with the added advantage of a system that can manage regular vehicle traffic for overspill parking or emergency vehicle access During heavy rainfall Grasscrete’s deep soil pockets provide both water attenuation and natural drainage qualities. Widespread use of Grasscrete in flood risk areas worldwide highlights the proven drainage qualities. In the UK many town centre flood risk areas and river walkways have taken to Grasscrete as a first choice solution for increased urban green space The in-built permeable drainage qualities of grass systems allow for natural water attenuation and direction to the water table and not directly into sewer infrastructure benefiting drought areas The company also offers plastic grass reinforcement systems, installed on a fit for purpose basis. Grassroad provides a lighter system for less regular heavy traffic areas but once again offers the obvious grass paving permeable benefits

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