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Grasscrete makes Green Build Impact

Lately Grasscrete has enjoyed a 'green renaissance' recognised for its contribution to the green built environment. With a growing demand for permeable solutions the impact of SUDS and heavy traffic is one reason why Grasscrete has made a sustainable impact.

Grasscrete with a 40 year track record features sustainable drainage qualities. It is often utilised for emergency access roads, green car parks, embankments, river spillways and lay-bys with a proven performance in trafficked areas over plastic alternatives. A single vast Grasscrete slab provides the stability; simply put, it provides a continuously reinforced structure with none of the stability problems that can be a factor with pre-cast types. The system is available in a variety of depths, soiled and seeded throughout, the ribbed profile within the soil pocket helps to anchor the roots against erosion. A self draining grass reinforcement system Grasscrete has become a byword for flood and drainage systems across the UK. Wakefield based Grass Concrete Ltd operates a strict fit for purpose policy offering both plastic and concrete grass reinforcement systems and maintains selecting the right product for traffic usage is critical to sustainable performance. For lighter traffic Grassroad is an option, a strong honeycomb cell plastic option that can integrate with the Grasskerb dry fix edge providing fast effective grass growth and a solution for less traffic areas in need of greener landscaping - drives, secondary parking, and grass verges etc Talk to the experts of 40 years to find out more

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