Dry-Build Solutions for earth retention or noise absorption 2016-08-16

Wakefield based Grass Concrete are best known for the range of reinforced grass paving systems, especially the Grasscrete range. Moving up from ground level to vertical landscaping, Grass Concrete has a line-up of vertical landscaping products, the Betoconcept range. 

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GROWING CONCERNS – the key issues for grass reinforcement 2016-07-18

With increased demand for grass paving to driveways, access roads and parking for both commercial and domestic applications, there are certain aspects of both ground conditions and utilisation that all building professionals should consider………..

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Domestic driveways with sustainable grass reinforcement 2015-06-21

For domestic driveways there are options for both plastic and concrete grass reinforcement. Domestic households can turn those concrete driveways into sustainable green vistas to replenish the water table and limit surface drainage into the sewer system.

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Grasscrete makes Green Build Impact 2012-10-11

Lately Grasscrete has enjoyed a 'green renaissance' recognised for its contribution to the green built environment. With a growing demand for permeable solutions the impact of SUDS and heavy traffic is one reason why Grasscrete has made a sustainable impact.

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